Semantic Core How You Can Leverage N-Gram Analysis to Transform Your Amazon PPC

Semantic Core: How You Can Leverage N-Gram Analysis to Transform Your Amazon PPC

In the competitive landscape of digital advertising, leveraging insightful and easy to use analytical tools is crucial for maximizing your PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaign performance and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). 

N-gram analysis is a particularly potent strategy for macro-level vision, offering unparalleled insights into keyword effectiveness and consumer search behavior via unique data aggregation methods.

In this guide, we’ll explore how N-Gram Analysis can transform your advertising and SEO efforts, focusing on ad effectiveness, cost reduction, and conversion optimization.

What is N-Gram Analysis?

N-Gram Analysis is an advanced technique for dissecting clusters of longer tail search queries into smaller sequences of fractionated words known as n-grams. 

These sequences range from single “seed” words (unigrams) to pairs (bigrams), triplets (trigrams), and beyond. By analyzing these n-grams, marketers can identify common phrases and patterns that indicate customer intent and search behavior.

We use this tool every. single. day. With us having over 300k SKUs under management, and millions of search terms to process daily, we need the N-grams tool to INSTANTLY surface word clouds that are both favorable and less than favorable.

In a matter of minutes, we can assess significant shopper search trends for an account with 100s of 1000s of unique searches within a few minutes. Talk about Return on Time(!)

Key Benefits of N-Gram Analysis:

Aggregated Insights:

By breaking down search terms into smaller components, and then aggregating them by seed words, you gain a more holistic view of search behavior, allowing for more trend spotting and optimization.

Hidden Gems:

N-grams have repeatedly proven to be able to cut through any biases and surface semantics that would otherwise fly under the radar.

You can constantly find root keywords that are otherwise too fractured when looking at 100s and 1000s of rows of data.

Actionable Data:

The patterns identified through N-Gram Analysis provide actionable insights that can be directly applied to campaign and copywriting strategies.

Efficiency in Keyword Management:

This technique simplifies the identification of both high-performing and underperforming keywords, streamlining the keyword management process.

Key Applications of N-Gram Analysis

1. Identifying Top Converting Semantic Cores, by Region and beyond

Understanding Customer Language:

N-Gram Analysis helps you understand the vocabulary and phrases your customers use across different regions with different “dialects”. This allows you to further optimize Semantic Cores and related synonyms.

Seller rise leverages advanced N-Gram Analysis to refine your semantic cores, ensuring your product descriptions resonate with localized customer language, thereby enhancing search relevance and boosting conversions.

For example, you may sell a “slow cooker” and that’s what you have always referred to as such, however, in other parts of the world, or country, some may refer to the same product as a “crock pot”. N-grams will help surface these as well as their relative performance.

Maybe you initially had your listing copy and manual ad keywords slanted towards “beanie” and an N-grams analysis indicates that “toboggan” is a more profitable keyword set to go after.

Optimizing Listing and Ad Copy:

Incorporate these high-performing n-grams into your listings and ad copy to ensure higher relevancy and engagement. This alignment between search terms and ad copy can significantly improve visibility, click-through rates (CTR), and conversion rates.

2. Cutting Ad Costs by Weeding Out Ineffective Clusters of Keywords

Analyzing Performance Data:

By evaluating the performance of various lengths of n-grams, you can identify which clusters of keywords are costing you without delivering results. 

Implementing Negative Keywords:

Use the insights from n-gram analysis to build a robust list of negative keywords. This step ensures your ads do not show for irrelevant or non-converting search queries, thus optimizing your ad spend and organic conversion rate.

For instance, if an n-gram analysis reveals that terms containing the tri-gram “fashion tank top” are underperforming, you can negative phrase match to avoid wasteful spending. This will suppress your ads for searches such as “blue fashion tank top” and “fashion tank top for men”.

3. Enhancing Ad Effectiveness with Data-Driven Strategy Tweaks

Refining Targeting Strategies:

Adjust your targeting strategies based on the data gathered from n-gram analysis. If data shows that n-grams related to “professional” or “premium” products perform better, you can refine your targeting to emphasize these aspects.

Dynamic Campaign Adjustments:

Use real-time n-gram analysis to make dynamic adjustments to your campaigns. Regularly updating your negative keywords and ad copy based on the latest data ensures your campaigns remain optimized and effective.

Leverage Our Customized N-Grams Tool to Implement Profit Growth Tactics in a Flash

While manual n-gram analysis can be insightful, employing specialized tools can streamline the process and provide richer insights. 

Tools like Adverio’s very own “Amazon N-gram (Word Stems) Cluster Master Analysis Too”,offers advanced and streamlined functionalities to easily break down and analyze n-grams within large data sets.

Download Your Copy of Our Tool Here

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Key Features of Advanced N-Gram Analysis Tools:

Unified Data Sets:

Tools that combine data from both sponsored products and sponsored brand ads, offering a comprehensive view of performance.

Detailed Reports:

Access to detailed reports that include campaign names, ad group names, and portfolio details. This level of detail helps pinpoint exactly where optimizations are needed.

Actionable Insights:

Direct functionalities to add negative keywords, promote high-performing search terms, and refine ad groups—all from within the tool interface.

Example of Using an Automated N-Gram Tool.

Import Search Term Data:

Download your search term report from Amazon and upload it into the n-gram analysis tool.

Automated Breakdown:

The tool automatically breaks down the search terms into unigrams, bigrams, trigrams, etc., and analyzes their performance.

Visual Insights:

Get visual reports highlighting top-performing and underperforming n-grams. Graphs and tables make it easier to interpret data and make decisions.

Batch Optimization:

Use the tool’s optimization features to apply bulk changes. This may include negating low-performing n-grams or boosting bids for high-performing ones.

N-Gram Analysis is a game-changer for Amazon PPC campaigns. By breaking down complex search queries into smaller, analyzable components, this technique offers unparalleled insights into customer behavior and campaign performance. Leveraging these insights enables you to refine your keyword targeting, minimize wasteful ad spend, and enhance overall ad effectiveness.

By incorporating N-Gram Analysis into your Amazon PPC strategy, you can:

  1. Identify Top Converting Queries:
    • Gain a deeper understanding of the phrases that drive your best results.
    • Optimize ad copy and keywords for higher engagement and conversions.
  2. Cut Ad Costs:
    • Weed out ineffective keywords that drain your budget without delivering results.
    • Implement a strong negative keywords list to enhance targeting efficiency.
  3. Enhance Ad Effectiveness:
    • Make data-driven adjustments to your campaigns for continuous improvement.
    • Align your ads more closely with customer search intent and behavior.


For e-commerce sellers and Amazon marketers looking to stay ahead of the curve, integrating N-Gram Analysis is not just an option—it’s a necessity. The ability to make informed, data-driven decisions can significantly impact your advertising ROI, offering a competitive edge in the ever-evolving marketplace.

If you’re also looking to expand your growth beyond Amazon, Adverio is here to help you scale on Walmart. Implementing advanced strategies like N-Gram Analysis across multiple platforms ensures a consistent, optimized approach to your digital marketing efforts.

By embracing N-Gram Analysis, you’re not just optimizing for today, but positioning your brand for sustained success in a competitive landscape. Start analyzing your search terms more deeply, implement data-driven strategies, and watch your PPC performance soar to new heights.

Explore the potential of N-Gram Analysis in transforming your Amazon PPC campaigns—take the first step towards more effective, efficient, and profitable advertising today. 🚀

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