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About Us

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About Adverio

Alden Wonnell
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Mike Danford
Chief Strategy Officer (CSO)

Alden and Mike started as digital sellers in 2014. They quickly realized that the biggest hurdle to an online business’s success was turning cost centers into profit centers. Thus, they made a pact to master sustainable growth through the management of their eCommerce stores. All while striving to develop a proven, repeatable process they could share with other remarkable brands. This would later be known as The Growth Cultivator. Almost overnight, they started to leverage their Growth Cultivator for dozens of brands successfully.

To continually grow and provide their partners with the best results possible, they set out to build a team of experienced sellers, specialists, and consultants by leveraging existing working relationships within the industry. This led them to assemble a team of Growth Evangelists focused on diligence, communication, and results. Thus, Adverio Growth Optimizers was born.

Your Team

Wayne Farquharson
Director of Account Management
Joe Pierle
Account Executive
Victor Ribeiro
Sales Development Representative
Sherry Bellamy
Head of Copy
Dael Douglas
Marketplace Specialist
Danelle Farquharson
Marketplace Specialist
Mamerto Fabian
Chief Software Engineer
David Dominguez
Operations Specialist
Precious Tan
Data Scientist
Janoi Bowen
Creative Director
Don Acoba
Frontend Engineer
King Jims Dacanay
Full-Stack Engineer

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