Startup to Success: A Calculated Growth Strategy from 5-80 Units Per Day

Product Category:
Travel Accessories
Client Objective:
Launch New Product on Amazon
  • Client partnered with Adverio in October 2019
  • Client had just built their listing. They had 5 reviews and were averaging 1-5 sales per day
  • Adverio coached client on Product Launch Strategies; executed Product Launch focused PPC campaigns
  • Challenges: Limited Ad Spend Budget and Advertising Suspension due to wrong product categorization
  • Adverio cleared Ad suspensions multiple times. Focused on slow growth Ad Strateg due to limited Ad Budget
  • Client now sells 60-80 units per day, at $32,000 per month and growing.
  • Note: Initial ACOS > 120% at Launch; Current ACOS <25%; BACOS <10%; 55% Net Profit Margin.


Quickly Scaled Total Account Revenue Over 1000%
Client now sells 60-80 units per day, at $32,000 per month and growing.


Decreased average ACOS From 120% to 25%
Drop in Acos %

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