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Amazon DSP

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Strategy with Amazon DSP

Why DSP?

Combining Amazon PPC and DSP (Demand-Side Platform) offers several benefits for brands looking to grow their revenues:

Enhanced targeting: Using both PPC and DSP allows for more precise and advanced targeting of audiences based on their browsing and purchase behavior on Amazon.
Increased visibility: The combination of both platforms can lead to increased visibility of your products to potential customers, which can lead to higher click-through and conversion rates.
Better ROI: By combining both platforms, brands can effectively optimize their advertising spend and improve their return on investment (ROI).
Access to first-party data: Amazon PPC and DSP provide access to Amazon's vast pool of first-party data, which can be used to refine targeting and drive more sales.
Improved brand awareness: Combining PPC and DSP can help brands increase their visibility and build stronger brand awareness with their target audiences.
More advertising options: Using both platforms provides brands with a wider range of advertising options, including sponsored products, sponsored brands, and display ads, to maximize their advertising impact on Amazon.

Full-Funnel Ad Strategy

Capture Your Shoppers’ Interest at Every Stage of Their Buying Journey.

Consideration Metrics
  • Cost per Detail Page View
  • New-to-Brand Purchasers
  • Click Through Rate
  • Branded Searches
Conversion Metrics
  • Total Sales
  • Return on AD Spend
  • Cost per Purchase
  • % Purchases New-to-Brand
Loyalty Metrics
  • Repeat Shopper Purchases
  • Market Basket & SKU Affinity
  • Average Order Value
  • Customer Lifetime Value

Amazon DSP Success Story

Adverio generates $941,756 in Additional Revenue within 6 Months of launching Amazon DSP

ROAS: 5.14x | NTB Purchase Rate: 71.87% | cLTV: $398 | AOV: $145

Adverio vs The Competition

We offer one of most sought after rates for advanced DSP management in the industry


of Ad Spend


Monthly Spend Minimum

Other Agencies

  • 15% of Ad Spend
  • $ 15K and Monthly Spend Minimum

Amazon's Service

  • up to 25% of Ad Spend
  • $ 50K Monthly Spend Minimum

Simplify Amazon DSP:

Our Seasoned Team Delivers Easy Solutions for Complex Audience Targeting to Amplify Your Brand’s Growth.