Supplement Brand PPC Optimization $229,935.85 Net Profit

Product Category:
Client Objective:
Decrease TACOS / Blended ACOS; Grow sales during category downturn
  • Client partnered with Adverio in April 2020
  • Brand was experiencing rising TACOS / Blended ACOS as they attempted to scale Amazon PPC Sales
  • Goal was to decrease TACOS/BACOS from ~20% to 10% with an ACOS goal <46%
  • Adverio implemented our Integrated Ad Matrix, bringing TACOS/BACOS to 11%, with ACOS @ 40% (Purple Line)
  • Scaled sales during category downturn from $1,600 per day to $2,350 per day (Blue Line)
  • Total Revenue During this period was $638,710.68 with a 36% Net Profit of $229,935.85


Quickly Scaled Total Account Revenue Over 36%
Total Revenue During this period was $638,710.68 with a 36% Net Profit of $229,935.85

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