What is Amazon Brand Registry?

What Is Brand Registry And Why Is It Important To Amazon Advertising?

Being a seller on Amazon is no easy task.

In fact, it is very difficult to stand out from the other 9.7 million Amazon sellers that compete for sales. Not only that, but low-quality counterfeit products are on the rise and becoming a bigger problem.

Don’t worry, Amazon Brand Registry has marketing, advertising, and trademark advantages that can set you ahead of your competitors, all while protecting you from counterfeit products.

What is Amazon Brand Registry?

Amazon Brand Registry allows business owners to have more protection over their brand and to enable marketing features to increase sales.

This is possible because it helps sellers protect their brand with a trademark registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

In other words, anyone who manufactures or sells their own branded products will benefit from Brand Registry.

Government Trademark fees usually range from $200-$400. However, finding an attorney to help you file your trademark and maintain it can cost upwards of $5,000 – $10,000. This sounds like a large price tag, and it is. But if you find the right service to help, it can be done at a much lower cost.

All in all, registering your brand allows you to access more marketing tools, protect your brand, and create a better experience for your customers.

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Benefits of Amazon Brand Registry

There are many benefits of registering your brand with Amazon, so let’s dive in!

Amazon Project Zero

Nothing is worse than putting in all the hard work of building a brand, and having someone else imposter you and steal the sales you deserve.

The good news is that project zero was created to protect any seller with Brand Registry by using AI to continuously scrape Amazon for counterfeit products and remove them.

And if the AI somehow misses the counterfeit products, a seller can manually remove competitors’ counterfeit listings without having to contact support.

Since every brand has a unique code that is applied to each product, Amazon can scan and confirm if the product is legitimate or not. This is just the start of why Amazon Brand Registry is very beneficial to all store owners.

Marketing Features

One huge marketing advantage that registered brands have is they can use the A+ Content tool, (previously named Enhanced Brand Content). This is great for being able to create better content than your competitors. 

A+ content allows you to utilize better images, descriptions, and titles within each and every product detail page. So, instead of boring text, which many shoppers do not read, you can display imagery, which helps convert shoppers to buyers much more efficiently:

Also, you can add videos on the product detail page. This gives the ability to showcase your product and its functions in a convenient way to your customers.

Let’s look at some of Creative XP’s A+ content:

They have a beautiful product detail page that is full of better images and descriptions than the competitors without Brand Registry.

Beyond that, they have 5 videos to demonstrate their product.

Not to mention, you can also create an Amazon Store Page. This is great because one can customize their page as much as they want, and uniquely present their brand to stand out from their competitors. It’s equivalent to having your own ecom website directly on Amazon.com

Advertising Features

Once you have your Brand Registry approved, you can start using a whole new entire category of advertisements, called Sponsored Brand ads.

This is composed of Product Collection ads, Store Spotlight ads, Sponsored Video ads, and Sponsored Display ads.

A benefit of these ads is that they appear at the top of the Amazon search results and showcase a collection of your products, like this:

This is one of the best ad types to drive sales because they allow you to include a logo, headline, and at least 3 products. After the shoppers click on the ad, they go to a custom landing page that you built.

One of the best features of Sponsored Brand ads is that they allow you to have Amazon Video ads. This new type of ad is not used by many sellers, and has an extremely high click rate, allowing you to easily differentiate yourself from the rest.

So get this, Brand Video Ads are the only moving picture on the results page and are likely to capture the attention of a shopper.

Plus, who doesn’t love watching a good video about a product before they buy it?!

How To Implement These Features To Maximize Your Sales

Once you’ve been granted Brand Registry (more on how to do this below), you can now increase your sales by using the new features you now have access to.

There are three main features to use that can boost your sales:

  • Adding A+ Image content to your product detail page
  • Utilizing the new Sponsored Brands ad features
  • Making a great Amazon Store page

In another post, we explain how to create the best Sponsored Brand ads!

How To Setup Brand Registry 

There are a few requirements that sellers must meet before they can register their brand.

Amazon states that US Sellers must meet these criteria:

  • Trademark organization: United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)
  • Statuses: Live registration issued and active in the principal register or live application in the principal register.
  • Text-based marks: 1 – Typeset Word(s)/ Letter(s)/ Number(s); 4 – Standard Character Mark
  • Image-based marks: 3 – An Illustration Drawing which includes Word(s)/Letter(s)/ Number(s); 5 – Words, Letters, or Numbers in a Stylized Form

For all other locations outside of the US, check out what is required to register your brand here:


So here’s the thing, trademarking your business is not an easy thing to do. Many people struggle and it ends up taking much longer than it needs to.

The good news is that we have done numerous trademark registries for our clients in the past, and we can help you too. Just fill out this form and we’ll talk!

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How To Apply For The Amazon Brand Registry Program

First thing is first, you need to have an Amazon seller central account and log in. From here you will be able to find their Brand Registry portal and proceed with these steps:

  1. Create a registry account

This section is straightforward because all you need to do is follow what Amazon says. At this point, the only thing you need is your business information. Then validate your info, accept and save!

  1. Enroll the brand 

To enroll your brand, Amazon states that you must meet these criteria:

  • Your brand name that has an active registered trademark; the active registered trademark for your brand must appear on your products or packaging. Brand Registry is also accepting brands that have a trademark pending registration in a subset of trademark offices (see country-specific requirements section).
  • The trademark registration number provided by the Intellectual Property office. Application number provided by the Intellectual Property Office can only be provided if you are enrolling with a trademark pending registration.
  • A list of product categories (e.g., apparel, sporting goods, electronics) in which your brand should be listed.
  1. Verify and activate with Amazon

Amazon takes 2-10 days to completely activate your Brand Registry after you have submitted your application.

Alright, this next part is important.

Every seller has to contact the registered trademark office and let them know that Amazon will be sending them a code for confirmation.

Once you have contacted the trademark office and received your code, log back into your seller central account and enter the relevant case ID, then hit the ‘Go’ button.

Select the ‘Review’ button and then the ‘Reply’ Button. From here all you need to do is paste the code and press ‘send’.

Once you have submitted your code, it can take 1-2 business days for Amazon to complete for request.

You’re done!

And That Is It!

We hope this post helped you to apply for Amazon Brand Registry, and increase your sales!

But this process is not always smooth, and it will be a lot smoother with the help of a professional who has done it numerous times before.

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