Amazon's Big Spring Sale 2024 The Ultimate Guide For Sellers

Amazon’s Big Spring Sale 2024: The Ultimate Guide for Sellers

Did you hear the good news? 

Amazon has just announced its first-ever “Big Spring Sale” event, set to take place from March 20th to March 25th, 2024.

This six-day shopping extravaganza promises to offer customers massive discounts of up to 50% across various categories, creating a prime opportunity for sellers to maximize their profits and grow their business.

What is Amazon’s Big Spring Sale? Amazon’s Big Spring Sale is a new shopping event similar to the highly successful Prime Day, and Prime Fall Deal Event (read our Prime Fall Deal Event blog post here), but with a focus on spring essentials and seasonal favorites. Customers can expect discounts on a wide range of products, including beauty, sports and outdoors equipment, home and kitchen items, spring fashion apparel, and electronics.

According to ZDNET, Amazon will be slashing prices and offering near-holiday deals on popular products like tablets, TVs, headphones, robot vacuums, home goods, and Amazon devices like Echo smart speakers and Fire tablets.

This new Deal Event follows recent news of retail softness in Q1 ‘2024. US retail sales in February grew at a slower pace than anticipated, marking a 0.6% increase month over month and a 1.5% rise year over year, as reported by the US Commerce Department. With inflation hitting 3.2% last month, the reality is that consumers are being more cautious with their spending – which is the primary motivation behind Amazon’s launch of a Q1 promotion.

Top Tips for Sellers to Maximize Sales During the Big Spring Sale

Optimize Your Product Listings

Alright, let’s give your Amazon listings a makeover!

Start by digging into every nook and cranny of your listings with an audit that’s more thorough than your last Netflix binge. 

Sprinkle in those juicy keywords like confetti at a party, but make sure they’re not just any keywords – they’ve got to be as relevant as your favorite meme. And when it comes to your A+ content, think less “boring textbook” and more “eye-catching Instagram post.” Don’t forget to spice up those main images with keywords so they pop like your favorite TikTok dance. And for the love of all things online shopping, make sure your listings are as mobile-friendly as your favorite dating app – nobody’s got time for a clunky, outdated interface.

That’s the gist – but let’s get deeper into it! 

Quick Amazon Spring Sale Listing Checklist:

  • Adding keywords to your main image in strategic location; for example, overlayed on product packaging.
  • Testing out a new, Conversion-Rate-Optimized main image. 
  • Adding new slides to the A+ content and adding Alt. text to increase your SEO discoverability. 
  • Running exact match keyword campaigns for your best-selling keywords, on top of product page advertising in your niche. 

Go deeper into optimizations and sell more this week:

The sale only lasts six days, so you are going to want to bring out everything you’ve got. Go down the list below and check off all the things you can do to add some fuel on your Amazon sales fire this week. 

Optimize Your Product Listings

Before doing any promotions, ensure your product listings are fully optimized with high-quality images, detailed descriptions, and relevant keywords. Make sure to utilize your full character count available.

The keywords you want to rank for, implement them – in your Back End Search Terms, Subject Matter, A+ Alt Text, and Brand Story. 

Don’t forget to optimize your Store Pages & Store Page Meta descriptions as well.

Pro-Tip – Don’t just use Helium10 – make sure to check out your Search Query Performance data within Seller Central Brand Analytics – These keywords are the ones Amazon thinks your product is most relevant for.

Leverage Amazon Advertising & Social Media 

Use Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Sponsored Display to boost your product visibility on Amazon. And, it’s not just a set it and forget it strategy – you are going to want to increase your targeted campaigns and expand the budget this week. Make sure campaigns aren’t going out of budget during your peak shopping period, so that you can capture the full attention of your market. You can check on this live throughout the day within the Campaign Manager > Budgets section. 

Don’t forget about social media. Make sure to post multiple times per day about the promotions you are running on Amazon, and link these posts to your Amazon Product Detail Page or Amazon Store. Paid Social Media Advertising on Meta & TikTok is also a surefire strategy to get more eyeballs on your listing. 

Pro-Tip: Make sure to Enroll in the Amazon Brand Referral Bonus program and funnel your Off-Amazon traffic through those specific links to get up to a 10% credit on every sale generated from outside Amazon traffic.

Finally – You should also take advantage Amazon Posts to increase awareness (see our Blog on Amazon Posts for more information). 

Email Marketing & Amazon’s Brand Tailored Promotions

Utilize your email marketing lists from your DTC site or marketing funnels to inform your current & interested shopper’s that you are participating in the Spring Sale Event. We’ve seen conversion rates of up to 10% of the contacted list when contacted through a known channel (like Klaviyo).

Additionally, Amazon’s Brand Tailored Promotions tool can help you score big bucks by offering promotions to High Value Shoppers, Lapsed Purchasers, Cart Abandoners and more. Check out our article on how to leverage Amazon’s Brand Tailored Promotions Tool, and put it to work for you during this Spring Sale Event. 

Offer Coupons, Stacked Promotions & Exclusive Deals

During Amazon’s Spring Sale event, you need to offer some kind of discount out there in order to attract shoppers to your store and products versus your competitors. Take advantage of time-bound promotional offers like Lightning Deals and Prime Exclusive Discounts. If your products don’t qualify for these deals, try a Coupon, Stacked Promotions & Bundles. 

You are now ready and set for success during this week’s Amazon Spring Sale. 

What should sellers do after the Big Spring Sale ends?

Brands – Make sure to put your best foot forward – not only during the sale event, but after as well. After the sale event, you should analyze performance, gather insights, and adjust strategies accordingly. If you got a big spike in sales, take a snapshot of the campaigns and strategies that performed well so that you can optimize for a better chance of dominating more sales next year, or next sale around. Check into spikes in Organic Keyword rankings, and double down on these going forward. Send out a Brand Tailored Promotions campaign for Cart Abandoners. There are seemingly unlimited options to leverage all of the data from a brand new sale event.

Amazon’s Big Spring Sale 2024 is an incredible opportunity for sellers to boost sales, reach new customers, and grow their business. Stay updated and make the best of this week!

If you are still unsure about how to approach this Deal event and are looking for expert guidance, Reach Out To Our Team to do a deep-dive on the opportunities you can leverage to start driving More Profit Today.

Happy Selling during Amazon’s Big Spring Sale 2024!

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